Klun is. The antithesis of instant. A counterweight to the light. Complicated simplicity. An imaginary reality. Created reality. Experience the idea. Permanent hipness. Complete difference. A tangible future. Trapped in the present. Imprinted eternity. Ruined banality. Klun is. Klun we are. Here for you.


I rarely write about my work because I think that, after almost a decade and a half of working with all the major Slovene media companies, it does not seem fit. It is what I am. I admit that I would like to keep silent again, but the problem is that the camera and microphones do not get to go behind those scenes where I enjoy the most. I am an enthusiast of communication processes, of communicating the message and a supporter of the thesis that it is impossible to not-communicate. “I produce events and campaigns” and “jump from role to role”, are the two most common answers to the question of what I am doing. I live schizophrenically, sometimes I lead, and sometimes I am led. I set up and build stories in the real world or online. I make events and keep them running smoothly. I write, also scenarios, watch over the budgets and care for the equipment, which has to be in place at the agreed time.

My job is to get your personalized message to the selected participants in the appropriate way.

We can get a cup of coffee or write a line or two anytime.

When I’m surfing, I’m on Pinterest, when I’m cycling, I’m on Hollander, when I’m walking, I prefer to turn “three blocks up” to pass my favourite flower shop. There is no celebration without flowers, preferably peonies, conditionally hydrangea. I do take photos with my phone, mostly my two kids and a dog and the most beautiful packaging and interiors and autumn and winter and spring sea and horizons… that’s why I can get sick if I don’t see the point where they meet for a long time, but the disease effectively vanish away having something sweet.

I look for surpluses in design, which must be sexy, the refined image should serve the individual and speaks for itself. My perception of your image does not end with the logo and colours, but rather I look at it as an integrated system, significantly larger than the brand itself. The feelings and effects that the brand evokes are important. It is important that it works and gives satisfaction.

The world of my priorities consists of selected flavors and imaginative cuisine, travel and design, and if something is lacking, iced coffee with coconut milk must be nearby – a guarantee and means for a successful start to the day.

I am constantly looking for opportunities, I get excited and recharge my batteries by discovering new approaches and anything that smacks of imagination or innovation. I am derailed by the cold and heat, so I could easily spend the summers somewhere in Scandinavia, but I have not yet definitively discovered a place to get through the winter period, but it must definitely be defined by minimalism, which is the approach I love so much and the feeling through which I express myself the easiest.

“If it comes from emotions, it’s not right or wrong, it’s the way it should be”, I answer the question about life’s guidelines, and that’s why I will never give up dancing, because I simply and sometimes irrationally love it. At the gymnasium, according to the professor, I would have to decide between dancing or studying. Today I have a Master degee of Architecture, I teach dance and transfer choreographies to projects that become sensual forms and living spaces.

If during dance I react to the surroundings with movements, in architecture and design I strive for the final image to always be a reflection of all the processes in the space in which or for which I create.

I am interested in the story that the space carries, its subtle connection to it and its origin.

I try to establish balance between the extremes of life. If I get up on the wrong side of the bed, a cup of coffee and some good track from the 90s, usually does the trick. Even though Sade suits me best at the moment. Being a morning person, I claim that the best mornings are the ones at night, spent with good company.

I like to keep things in order. I explore minimalist design principles that still offer a vibrant and bold approach. I like unique shapes and the feeling of creating something with my hands – painting, making banana bread, working with clay and capturing moments with an analog camera.


graphic design / visual identity / packaging / digital / events / campaigns / interior design


We do not limit ourselves to the media. We know and take into account their laws, but we also firmly believe that creativity is universal, it just manifests itself differently every time, unencumbered by the final form or carrier. We extract the idea that differentiates you and make sure that others notice it too.

The works are freed from unnecessary kitsch. The messages are clear and direct, with them we step from the ranks of equals. The products are aesthetically perfect and acceptable to the widest circle, and there is a hidden multi-meaning symbolic note in each one, visible at first glance only to the most attentive.

Each product is unique and the result of research – sources, wishes, (with) possibilities. Each project is unique, but at the same time has a common point with all the previous ones: the commitment of the multidisciplinary team of creators to the search for a superior look and the most effective client’s presentation.

For those who don’t try, who look beyond the pleasing and are not immediately tempted, and for those who understand that business relationships are governed by contracts, but at the same time respect the process and commitment that initials cannot articulate. For those who have come to stay or to join those who have been here for generations.

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